Vitamins & Supplements for Hair, Skin & Nails

Vitamins & Supplements for Hair Skin & Nails - Review by Rose Burnett

Looking after your hair, skin and nails is more than just skin deep.  Beauty definitely comes from within when you are talking about vitality, health and wellness. 

In this blog post, we are going to look at some key vitamins and supplements for hair, skin and nails that are going to: 

  • Help revitalise tired looking skin
  • Assist with hair loss and thinning hair,
  • Strengthen brittle nails.

Personally, this has been a hot topic of research for me for the past 15 months. In May to August 2019, I went through breast cancer treatment for early stage breast cancer which included surgery and radiation therapy.  

The radiation treatment affected my vitality and energy levels.  It left me looking tired and resulted in cycles of hair loss and regrowth.  

When I first started losing my hair, there was little information and support on the best vitamins and nutritional supplements to help me stop the hair loss. 

I have always been fit and eaten a healthy high antioxidant diet, but dealing with the side-effects of radiation treatment was something else entirely. 

I really need find ways to boost my energy levels, immunity and vitality back to normal levels.

I trialled a number of different products over the past 12 months for hair, skin and nails. This included multi-vitamins, collagen in all different forms, liquid vitamin shots and topical treatments for hair. 

I found the following vitamins and supplements helped restore and regrow my hair, improve the appearance of my tired looking skin, boost my vitality, immunity, and energy levels.

Vitamins & Supplements for Hair, Skin & Nails – What Worked?

Now before I start, obviously results are going to vary from person to person.  And always refer back to your doctor or medical professional, when it comes to taking vitamins and supplements.

Lets explore some vitamins and supplements for hair, skin and nails…


What is Collagen and why is it useful?  Collagen is the main structural protein in the various connective tissues in the body. Collagen consists of amino acids bound together and is found in connective tissue like cartilage, bones, tendons, ligaments, and skin. 

Collagen is one of the major proteins in the dermis of the skin, contributing to its firmness and elasticity.  Collagen can also help restore healthy hair by using the amino acids in collagen to build keratin, the main protein hair is made up of. 

Collagen is known for its many medical uses in treating complications of the bones and skin including cosmetic surgery, dermal fillers and wrinkle treatments, tissue regneration, wound healing, bone grafts, reconstruction of artificial skin and more.

Collagen can act as an antioxidant and fight damage caused by free radicals. Research shows that free radicals may also damage hair follicles.   It may also prevent hair follicle damage and graying with its antioxidant properties.

Collagen Gummies for hair skin and nails

Collagen Gummies

I have found one of the best ways to get a source of collagen that is gentle on the stomach is Collagen gummies for hair, skin and nails.  One of my favourites is Resilience Collagen & Hair Gummies for hair, skin and Nails by FNX Fit. 

If you would like to try these FNX Fit Collagen Gummies use this Special Coupon Code FNXpGVz to get 15% Off.

It includes: 

  • Collagen Peptides that helps supply skin cells with the nutrients to maintain firm and elastic skin.
  • Amino acids supply joints with protein to regenerate and maintain elasticity.
  • Utilizes 3 grams of L-Leucine which acts like a shuttle for other amino acids. 
  • High solubility & absorption rate for easy digestion. 

Vitamins and Supplements for hair skin nails


Biotin is part of the vitamin B family and is also known as vitamin H.  Your body uses biotin to help convert certain nutrients into energy. It also plays an important role in the health of your hair, skin, and nails.

If you don’t have enough Biotin you may suffer from hair loss. Biotin helps improve Keratin levels associated with healthy hair. 

You can source Biotin from certain foods like egg yolks, almonds, walnuts, peanuts, soybeans, legumes, whole grains, banana, cauliflower and mushrooms, as well as vitamin supplements.

I used Biotin as a daily vitamin supplement for a month during the second round of hair loss and definitely felt it contributed to my hair loss slowing down. 

Vitamins & Supplements for Wellbeing, Energy & Gut Health

Some other vitamins and supplements I trialled to improve my overall wellbeing, immunity, energy and gut health that helped, are listed here.


I decided to try L-Glutamine after researching supplements that help heal and restore the gut lining.  I had been on steroid treatment for 3 months to help fight an organising pneumonia condition, resulting from radiation therapy.  Unfortunately steroids have some significant side-effects including affecting your gut health.

Our gut health can influence and affect our immune system, mood, mental wellbeing, autoimmune diseases, endocrine disorders, skin conditions, and cancer.

So for me the association between poor gut health and my overall physical wellbeing, and condition of my hair, skin and nails led me to try L-Glutamine.  

L-Glutamine is an amino acid that is important for making proteins within the body and is important for the immune system and gut health.  Glutamine helps maintain the barrier between the inside of your intestines and the rest of your body, preventing harmful bacteria and toxins from moving from your intestines into the rest of your body.

Personally, I found L-Glutamine to be very gentle on the stomach and helped restore my gut health after taking them for a month.  I continue using it to this day, to promote a healthy gut, which in turn helps my immunity and energy levels.


Taking a multi-vitamin is like an insurance against being low in any one vitamin.  It can improve overall well-being and covers your bases, if you are unsure if you are low in any particular vitamin. Ideally you will source most of your nutrition and vitamins from a healthy nutritional diet. 

Sometimes when we go through a health challenge or injury, where our overall wellbeing is comprised, a Multi-vitamin can give us that extra boost of energy.

For me, I love taking multi-vitamin gummies as they are easy to digest and gentle on the stomach.  Most mult-vitamins will include B Vitamins, Vitamins C, D & E, Amino Acids, Iron and minerals at a percentage of recomended daily allowance.

Co-Enzyme Q10

For boosting energy and looking after your heart health, I take Co-Enzyme Q10 daily which is a natural antioxidant that your body produces. The cells in the body use Co-Enzyme Q10 for growth and maintenance. 

The benefits of Co-Enzyme Q10 are cited as helping with the following conditions: 

  • Improving Heart Conditions and healthy heart function
  • Disorders affecting the nervous system, like Parkinsons Disease
  • Muscle weakness
  • Headaches
  • Energy production and physical performance

As with any supplements or vitamins, alway check the listed and known side-effects, and consult you doctor before taking.  

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