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Healing the Inner Child by Rose Burnett - Article Brainz Magazine

Healing the Inner Child from Karmic Imprints

Published Brainz Magazine 22/05/2021
Healing the Inner Child involves an awareness of how your early childhood experiences are subconsciously playing out in your relationships and life. Discover how to reverse the effects of childhood trauma and karmic imprints to heal the Inner Child. 

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Spiritual Awakening - What you Need to know by Rose Burnett

Spiritual Awakening – What You Need to Know?

Published Brainz Magazine 14/06/2021
A Spiritual Awakening is life-altering. You will simply not be the same person anymore. For a time, people may not relate to you like they once did nor understand you because you have changed and grown so much. It can feel confronting, confusing, enlightening, and joyful, all mixed into one.

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How to Future Proof Your Relationship by Rose Burnett

How to Future Proof Your Relationship?

Published Brainz Magazine 23/07/2021
Is there a magic formula for relationship success? What makes one relationship work long-term where many others fail? When we enter love relationships, both partners bring their fair share of emotional baggage, good and bad.

Karmic imprints, insecurities, sub-conscious fears, self-sabotaging behaviors, as well as all the beautiful, amazing stuff that makes us unique, loveable, and attractive to our partner.

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How Repetitive Thought Patterns Affect Our Emotions

How Repetitive Emotions Affect Your Emotions

Published Brainz Magazine 21/08/2021

As humans, we have a natural capacity to allow negative thought patterns to affect our moods and emotions. We are often not present at all.  Instead, we recycle through irrational worries, fear, anger, and even sadness from the past or future state.

How do you quiet the mind and let go of the fear, worry, and anxiety? Discover how to use Mindfulness to disengage from mental clutter. 

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How to Boost Your Self Esteem

How to Boost Your Self Esteem

Published Brainz Magazine 28/09/2021

It’s interesting as humans that we struggle with this concept of loving ourselves more.   When you love yourself unconditionally, you take pride in what you have to offer. In relationships, in your work and friendships.

When you start negotiating your self-worth and accept less in relationships or your job, you are saying to yourself and the people around you that you don’t deserve any better.

If you don’t value yourself enough, you will always be attracted to people who don’t value you either. Discover how to boost your self-esteem!

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Facing Our Shadow Side and What We Can Learn by Rose Burnett

Facing Our Shadow Side And What We Can Learn?

Published Brainz Magazine 9/11/2021

Our Shadow Self can provide many deep insights into self-imposed limitations we place around ourselves. Along with deep-rooted fears, insecurities, and triggers that impact our sense of self-worth.

It is also a part of us to be loved. Because within our Shadow side is a gift that can help us grow, expand, and release things about ourselves that hold us back in life.

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Emotional Vulnerability - Power to Fix Your Relationships

Emotional Vulnerability – Power to Fix Your Relationships

To have meaningful relationships, we must be willing to be emotionally vulnerable. It’s the glue that holds intimate relationships together.

When you talk about your feelings, beliefs, hopes and dreams, it enhances feelings of closeness and deepens your relationships with others. It helps others open up about their feelings, fears and vulnerabilities.

Discover how to get better at being emotionally vulnerable…

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