Gym Ready Makeup Tutorial by Rose Burnett

Want that perfect gym ready makeup look that looks natural and fresh?  Let’s face it when it comes to our morning routines, none of us want to look like we just rolled out of bed with dark circles under our eyes and blotchy skin.

We also don’t want to look overdone in the gym with too much makeup and stylised hair.  So how do we keep it natural, but still look good?

For me, exercise is a big part of my life.  Whether I am working out in the gym, swimming laps in the pool, hiking in nature or walking along the beach. 

I’m also often filming inspirational videos for Instagram or YouTube while I’m out exercising, so I need to look good on camera but also feel natural.

I have been experimenting for a while with sports foundation, concealers and contouring sticks.  Particularly those that stay put, don’t smudge and let your skin breathe during a workout.

I often use this natural makeup style as a base, and then add a bit more colour if I have to go straight from exercise out or have a day of filming for YouTube. 

Gym ready makeup tutorial by Rose Burnett

Getting Your Skin Ready

Before you apply makeup always make sure your skin is clean and moisterised.  I follow a simple routine of cleansing my face with moisterising face wipes and then follow with an all over serum on the face.

I add some Skin Doctors wrinkle freeze reducing cream to my forehead and around the mouth area, add an eye wrinkle cream and finish with a Supermoist 24hr hydrating cream.  This whole routine takes less than a couple of minutes to prep my skin.  

Next Up - Teeth - Getting Sparkly Whites

I love to have white teeth. So every morning and night, I use a teeth brightening toothpaste as well as floss.  I use two types of toothpaste, one is charcoal activation toothpaste (mint flavour) for a deep cleanse and then follow with a standard teeth whitening paste.  

The charcoal one can feel strange to use at first because it's black.  Once you getused to it, the taste is no different to any other toothpaste. It costs a bit extra, around $15 AU but is totally worth it, as it gives a brilliant clean. 

I then follow up with the whitening paste for extra lift.  Now you are ready and primed for makeup.

What You Need for Gym Ready Makeup

WATCH VIDEO TUTORIAL - 25:32 Mins | Click to Play

Here are some of the basic makeup products you will need to get that natural Gym Ready Makeup look. Noting, I have no affiliation with the brands below but have tried and tested these products.  They have great coverage, are smudge proof and budge proof.

*Make sure to select colours that suit your own skin tone and colouring.

Getting that Perfect Gym Ready Makeup Look

Step 1 - Apply Sport-Fix Camouflage Concealer

This is one of the best concealers I have found for covering dark circles under the eyes, blemishes, bruises and marks on your skin, or anywhere on your body.

For the face, its best to use your finger and gently pat the the concealer on dark circles under the eyes, as it has quite a sticky texture to it.  A small amount goes a long way.  Work it from the inner eye outwards underneath each eye.  Cover any other small blemishes on the face around the mouth, jawline and nose.

Step 2 - Apply Sport-Fix Foundation

This foundation has great coverage. To apply - use broad strokes starting from the chin, around the mouth, both cheeks, under each eye, above the eyelid (below the brow), nose, and forehead.  Blend with makeup sponge working outwards on the face, do the eye area and blend into the jawline.

If you need a little extra coverage over dark circles around the eyes, add one more stroke of foundation and blend, and then leave.  We will come back to lighten this area up again, at the end of the makeup tutorial.

Step 3 - Shaping Brows & Applying Eyebrow Liner

The eye brows frame the face are are an important part of your natural makeup look.  For me, I have always struggled with thin brows mostly from over plucking in the 80's.  They are not even, so a brow pencil is perfect for creating those perfect mid-size brows.

I prefer the simplicity of a brow pencil.  Firstly brush and shape the eyebrows up with the brow brush, on the end of your eyebrow liner.  Then fill in the brows working from the inner eye to the outer eye on the brow line, until you are happy with the shape.

Step 4 - Apply Contouring Stick Colour for Definition

This next step is one of the key parts to achieving a very natural look in the gym or fitness class.  Contouring sticks generally come in two contrasting colours, a light one for highlighting and dark one for contouring the face. 

You will need a light and medium-dark colour.  We will be using contouring sticks instead of blush.

Firstly facing the mirror, add the medium-dark shade along the natural cheek line starting about an inch away from the base of the nose and taking it out towards the ear.  Do the same for the other cheek. 

If your hair is pulled up in a ponytail or bun - Using the same contour stick, add a thin line of colour around the hairline on the forehead. Then add more colour to either side of the nose in a triangle, and then the crease of each eyelid.   If your hair is down, skip the forehead and just do the cheeks, nose and eye crease.   

Next blend it all in naturally with the makeup sponge, so you have a soft natural blush to the face, forehead, nose, eyes and cheeks.  With the face, make sure to always blend outwards.

With the light contour stick add a touch of highlight colour under the brow, on the eyelid and over any dark circles still showing under the eyes.  Blend in gently with the makeup sponge.

Step 5 - Apply Eyeliner and Mascara

Next up we are going to apply Black Eyeliner using a pencil liner to the upper lash line.  Working from the outside corner to halfway along the lash line.  Do this for both eyes.  This will add definition to the eyelashes, when we add mascara.

Apply Black Mascara to the top lashes only, using 1 - 2 coats for good coverage and length.  I love a good volumising mascara like the Volum Express The Falsies Mascara by Mabeline as it gives extra long lashes without smudging. 

Tip - I never apply mascara to my bottom lashes as you risk mascara running, if you sweat during a workout.  I don't do my bottom lashes when filming either to prevent smudging during those long days of filming.

Step 6 - Finishing with the Lips

You have a couple of options here.  I like to keep it simple by either using a long wearing liquid matte lipstick that won't smudge or a pink lip cream, like a gloss but matte. 

The only issue I find with a long wearing lipstick is that they feel drying on the lips.  So if I use this type, I apply a lip balm over the top.  Either way select a natural light pink tone, nothing too bright or too dark.

Time wise it generally takes me about 10 - 15 minutes for this skincare and makeup routine in the morning. And that's it you're gym ready and looking fabulous for your workout!

Taking this Makeup Look up a Notch

And if I need to take this base look into filming or I'm going out after I have finished my workout, I'll take this makeup look up a notch.  I will add some eyeshadow and more eyeliner around the eyes, both bottom and top lash lines.  Then add a pink blush to the cheeks over the contour colours and that's it!

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Disclaimer - this makup tutorial video does not endorse any particular products. Please ensure that any skincare or makeup products suit to your individual skincare and health needs. 

Attribution: Royalty Free music in this Video from Wondershare Filmora video library "Drift" by Drift.

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