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Rose Burnett, Founder Warrior Spirit ActivewearRose Burnett is the founder of Warrior Spirit Activewear®. A vibrant gymwear range for women featuring printed leggings, tanks, sports bras and jackets. Ideal for working out at the gym, yoga, fitness class or outdoors.

Rose is a Certified Transformational Coach, Leader and NLP Practitioner since 2012 and Advanced Reiki Practitioner. With expertise in mindfulness, balancing emotions, communication, neuro linguistic programming and transformation.  And a keen interest in fitness, health and wellness.

Awards & Achievements

Brainz Magazine Executive Contributor, Rose Burnett

In 2021, Rose was invited to become an Executive Contributor to the Brainz Magazine #1 Choice in Inspirational Media and voted Seventh in Top 10 Business Magazines in the World, along with Forbes Magazine – Read my published articles on Brainz Magazine here!

Brainz CREA Global Awards 2021 Rose has also been awarded the BRAINZ CREA Global Award 2021 a prestigious list of Top Entrepreneurs and Influential Leaders recognized for creative and innovative ideas, adaptability in business, or for their contributions to sustainability and mental health projects. See Full List


Healing Inner Child from Karmic Imprints Healing the Inner Child from Karmic Imprints

Published Brainz Magazine 22/05/2021
Discover how to reverse the effects of childhood trauma and karmic imprints to heal the Inner Child.  Read the full article

Spiritual Awakening - What You Need to Know by Rose Burnett Spiritual Awakening - What You Need to Know?

Published Brainz Magazine 14/06/2021
A Spiritual Awakening is life-altering. You will simply not be the same person anymore. Read the full article

How to Future Proof Your Relationship by Rose Burnett, Mind Body Soul Balance Coach How to Future Proof Your Relationship?

Published Brainz Magazine 23/07/2021
Is there a magic formula for relationship success? What makes one relationship work long-term where many others fail? Read the full article

How Repeitive Thoughts Affect Our Emotions by Rose Burnett How Repetitive Emotions Affect Your Emotions

Published Brainz Magazine 21/08/2021
How do you quiet the mind and let go of the fear, worry, and anxiety? Discover how to use Mindfulness to disengage from mental clutter.  Read the full article here 

How to Boost Your Self Esteem How to Boost Your Self Esteem

Published Brainz Magazine 28/09/2021

It’s interesting as humans that we struggle with this concept of loving ourselves more. Discover how to boost your self-esteem! Read full article here

Shadow self

Facing Our Shadow Side And What We Can Learn?

Published Brainz Magazine 9/11/2021

Our Shadow Self can provide many deep insights into self-imposed limitations we place around ourselves. Along with deep-rooted fears, insecurities, and triggers that impact our sense of self-worth. Read Full Article here 


Rose has worked in many different areas of business as an Entrepreneur and Consultant. Rose has operated many of her own businesses including restaurants, giftware business, global fashion jewellery brand, and digital marketing consultancy.  As well as coaching and mentoring small business owners in online technologies.

Rose has worked for government and private industry in change management, project management, training and business analysis.  

Rose built a large 39.5k YouTube Channel on Astrology, Spirituality, Mindfulness and Wellness from January 2017 - November 2021 which recently closed. So that Rose could dedicate more time on her activewear range and corporate responsibilities as a Change Management Consultant.

Personal Life

Rose lives in Perth, Western Australia and has two wonderful grown up sons and two adorable pooches Sunny and Woofy.

Leading an active lifestyle, Rose works out six days a week and follows her own High Antioxidant, Vitamin & Protein Rich Diet Program. Working out at the Gym regularly and enjoying long walks in nature connecting to Mother Earth, Gaia and Spirit.

With a strong belief that age is no barrier to being healthy and staying in great shape!

Her love of colour and life is expressed through the vibrant prints and block colours of her Warrior Spirit Activewear for Women.  

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